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The Economic Times Mutual Fund Summit 2017
The Mutual Fund industry has huge growth prospects in the coming years, with the increase in saving patterns of the people, the AMC will see great transition in investment patterns. It necessary to understand the need of the people and provide them with the right investment plan. Understanding the huge potential underlying in this sector, we at the Economic Times take pleasure to announce the next edition of the Mutual Fund Summit 2017 in Mumbai. This summit will discuss and deliberate on the impact of demonetization on creating a clean economy through investment in Mutual Fund..... read more
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In the year 2016 the mutual fund industry saw an increase in the number of investors, growth in the monthly investment into equity MF schemes, investment in Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs), etc. With this, the future of the mutual fund industry will rely on the rapid digitization, new government initiatives and moreover the investor education which will take the AUM to another milestone. Secondly, with the implementation of Goods and Service Tax from the 1st of July has its own impact on the Mutual Fund Industry, while the change from service tax from 15% to 18% will make MF a little expensive, thus ensuring lower returns. On the other hand, this also means a three per cent hike in tax liability for distributors, that will benefit small distributors falling below the Rs. 20 lakh per year who will be exempted from tax.